From sweater to sweater dress

A sweater dress is a wonderful garment for playful kids who prefer a dress instead of trousers. Or for teens who are totally into oversized! This tutorial shows you how to make a sweater dress from the Over & Over Kids sweater pattern very easily!

Would you like a hand-printed sweaterdress? Buy a handprinted sweater box for adults but ask for the children’s pattern in the comments! With this tutorial you will then have everything you need for a playful dress with a shiny print.

  1. Measure the child from shoulder to knee. (Dimension A)
  2. Measure pattern piece 1 in the child’s size from shoulder to bottom edge. (Dimension B)
  3. Subtract dimension B from dimension A. Add this dimension to pattern part 1. Add same length to pattern pieces 2 and 6.
  4. The final length of the dress will be: measurement A + the height of the ribbing: a little below the knee.

5. Sew the pattern according to the instructions.


> Finish the lower edge with ribbing as you would do for the sweater. If you want a somewhat looser effect at knee height, add 3 to 5 cm to the ribbing width (pattern piece 8).

> You can also choose not to add ribbing to the bottom edge, which will give you a straight, shorter dress! In step 12, do not add the waistband but finish the lower edge with a zigzag or overlock stitch. Press a 4 cm hem in the lower edge and secure the hem all around with a zigzag stitch or twin needle.

Wear a sweater dress with tights in the winter or with boots or sneakers in spring or autumn. Also skinny jeans look very nice under a sweater dress, for children and adults!

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