Guidelines Iron Patches

Iron on patches in 6 steps

0 – Wash new clothes or fabric first without fabric softener.

1 – Heat the iron to 145 degrees (this is usually the position between wool and cotton). Turn off the steam!

2 – Iron the fabric flat. Put the patch on the fabric, with the foil layer facing up. Use a hard surface (e.g. a wooden board).

3 – Put the iron on the application, with baking paper between the iron and the transparent film layer. Press the application with your body weight in 10-15 sec.

4 – Let it cool down completely!

5 – Carefully remove the foil. Hold the application with your nail when you do this (the application does not have to be completely fixed yet).

6 – Put baking paper on the application and iron, until the application is fixed. Let it cool down again and remove the baking paper. The application is fixed properly well when you can see a light ‘relief’ in the fabric. The application is then fused with the fabric and will not get off during washing. Wait 24 hours before washing the application. Washable up to 40 degrees, not tumble dry!