How to sew a laundry bag

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Is your child going to camp or staying over and do you want to give the dirty laundry a proper place? Make a cool laundry bag with this tutorial!


  • panel of fabric of at least 60 cm high and 150 cm wide
  • 100 cm bias tape


  • Cut the fabric in half so that you get 2 rectangles of 74 x 60 cm: one for the outside (with printing) and one for the inside (without printing).
  • If necessary, zigzag or overlock the four sides of both rectangles.
  • Fold the rectangle for the inside (without the print) in half, with the right sides of the fabric together. Stitch the open sides and bottom edge at 1 cm. Leave a 10 cm turning opening in the bottom.
  • Fold the panel for the outside (with the print), right sides together, stitch the open sides and bottom at 1 cm and leave a small opening of 2 cm at the side, 10 cm from the top edge.
  • Trim the corners at the bottom (you can even cut through the stitching to make the next step easier).
  • Sew a 5 cm corner.
  • Cut away the excess fabric.
  • Turn the lining right side out and tuck both parts into each other, with the right sides of the fabrics facing each other.
  • Topstitch the upper edge at 1 cm all the way round, iron the seams open.
  • Turn the bag through the turning hole, sew the turning hole and iron the bag into its shape.
  • At 9 cm from the upper edge, stitch all around again, just above the opening in the side. If necessary, use a paint marker or chalk to draw a stitching line on the fabric.
  • Stitch again 2 cm below this line all the way around so that your tunnel for the ribbon is ready.
  • Fold the bias tape in half lengthwise, iron, and stitch the open side closed.
  • Thread the ribbon through the tunnel, finish where you started, and tie a knot in the ribbon. Done!
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