Let me be: new collection!

This week, brand new: the summer! Equally new: our Let me Be collection. So happy that, after a couple of months full of unpredictability, we can do what we love most! That’s why we’re serving you some completely new prints. Walk with us through this summery page in our story!

/VISCOSE/ Because we love flowing fabrics, we chose for a high quality crepe viscose for the new Let me be a flower print. Beautiful for refined patterns, ideal for gathering. But just as cool as bomber: a fun contrast between a strong look in an elegant, slightly shiny fabric.

Let me be a wild bird is also viscose, but the matte variant. Hundreds of birds on a fresh Just Knot It jurkje: it makes us happy.

/FRENCH TERRY/ Summer also demands movability, playfulness, fabrics to romp in. French Terry is stretchy and absorbent. Synonymous is ‘summer sweat’ for a reason. We have three new prints in store for you!

Let me be a swan is a beautiful dreamy child’s drawing. The elegance of a swan’s neck caught in a few lines, a fabric like a fairy tale or a walk around the castle pond.

As a seaworthy counterpart also let me be an octopussy got a place in the collection. This sympathetic octopussy is ready for a swim.

Let me be a sunflower is a bouquet of fabric. In combination with the pattern Catch the Sun, she turns her face just like a sunflower to where the heat comes from!

That was quite a list of new fabrics, wasn’t it? But there’s more! We also have the matching extras in our fixed color chart. Together with Let me be a Swan we are launching Dusty Pink, in ribbing fabric and in uni French Terry.

Our fabrics and fabric names already betray that we love a touch of poetry. That’s why we work together with Lien Geeroms, a Belgian illustrator who turns puns into word images. Discover the range of ironing applications and look for the two, sometimes even three layers.

For those who like to say what it’s like, our quote applications might be an idea. Let me be, the name of our new collection, is something you might want to tell out loud. This is me (Dit ben ik in Dutch), and the world should know!

We are very curious about your reactions to our collection! Which fabric is your favorite? And what are you going to make with it? Let us know: we are super happy when we see #aboutblue, or read comments on our posts.

Ready? Let me be!

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