Life is a circus: new collection, launch 4/9!

Life is a circus, it drives you crazy! You tumble from one day to the next, trying to keep all the balls in the air. You swing like an acrobat between all the places you’re supposed to be. In your magic box there are 100 tricks to complete the show.

Life is a circus, find a place and enjoy! What could be more fun than unwinding in amazement? By watching what the circus of the day brings you, applauding for the successes, getting happy with what goes wrong? Enjoy the show!

Fabric dress left: Sponge “Lewis the elephant”
Fabric dress right: French Terry “UNI 16 Blue Wing Teal”

Pattern dresses: Greentown kids

Life is a circus: the name of and source of inspiration for our new collection! With the pride of a circus director we get out of our hat:

Hey Harlequin

Hey harlequin, with your checkered suit, a nickel for your thoughts! Are you telling a joke, or are you hiding your tears? Are you king of the show, firmly in control, or do you dance the dance of the puppeteer? Who knows?

Hey Harlequin is a French Terry with a check pattern in striking unisex colors. Depending on how you combine and which sewing pattern you choose, the fabric is suitable for a cheerful or just a very fancy retro look. The fabric fits perfectly with the new uni caramel French Terry: use it for details full of character.

Lewis the elephant (New! Sponge!)

Lewis won’t let it get to his heart: he’s enjoying himself to the fullest. If it doesn’t sound like it, it clashes. Lewis doesn’t like tightrope walking and won’t let himself be conducted. He steals the show with a poetic act. If you think his story today is a bit peculiar, he’ll conjure another one out of his hat tomorrow. 

Lewis the elephant is a new quality in our collection: a sponge (terry cloth) of beautiful quality. The fabric emphasises the playful character of the print and the beautiful rust colour can be combined very nicely. 

Fabric Sweater right: Sponge “Lewis the elephant”
Fabric trousers right: French Terry “UNI 16 Blue Wing Teal”
Fabric T-shirt left: French Terry “Leave me a leaf”
Pattern T-shirt: “Greentown

Show me your smile

Show me your smile. Life is a circus, so it’s all for laughs! Not every hour of the day, of course, but with a bit of humour you get a heavy weight sometimes. Hidden under a mouth mask, shyly in love, roaring exuberantly: so much laughter to live with!

The basic colour of Show me your smile is the same as the new Uni Caramel and ribbing. This gives you a lot of combination possibilities: a couple of smileys as a wink on a garment, or an overload of smiles. In a world where teenagers have a smiley face for every emotion, we like the smile best!

Leave me a leaf

We put up our circus tent between the trees, and can already smell the autumn air. Soon the leaves will tumble from the trees like elegant acrobats . Take a moment and study their dance! The wind is their soundtrack, the treetops their circus tent. And you are, just for free, part of the audience.

Leave me a leaf is a very graceful leaf print on French Terry. The basic colour is Dusty Pink, also available as plain and border fabric. The fine lines of the print have beautiful autumn colours. The fabric is perfect for t-shirts, dresses, skirts or sweaters for women, but also very nice to use for children.

Fabric dress left: French Terry “UNI 21 Dusty Pink
Fabric dress right: French Terry “Leave me a leaf”
Pattern dresses: Greentown kids

Flowers and applause

At the end of the show the evening falls in beautiful night blue. At the end of the show there are flowers, and applause. Also at a show in your backyard. Also at a show in your head! The artist passed the finish line, did his best, practiced, tried again. Clap your hands together as hard as you can, share kisses and flowers. Life is a circus, flowers make you happy!

Flowers and applause is a dark blue crepe viscose with the most subtle bright blue field flower print. The fabric is perfect for sewing light skirts, with or without ruffles. But this fabric also offers many possibilities for blouses.

Solid en ribbing: Indian tan

Together with the new prints, we expand the range of solid and ribbings with a new colour: India tan. As always, this solid and border fabric matches with more than 1 collection, you will see this colour come back even more from now on.

Iron on patches

We love to see you get started with our collection, so we’d love to add some extras to boost your creativity. 

Each sheet of fusable iron on patches contains different drawings, so you can pimp multiple garments, or go all the way with a crazy combination.

Life’s a circus! What do you magic out of your hat? Every elephant has its trick, they’re all stars of the show!

Smile and be wild! Iron smileys on your clothes, give one, and get one back!

The other two sheets of ironing applications from the collection were designed by the Belgian illustrator Lien Geeroms. Her work fits perfectly in the Life’s a circus theme: an application sheet by Lien is a circus in itself.

Iron on patches ‘LOL’
Whether this crocodile reaches the moon with a rocket ice is still questionable. It will eat its way through before it has a chance to melt! The lizard keeps it modestly cosy with a cup of tea in the evening light. And did you know that frogs like cherries? 

Iron on patches ‘Nature’ Rumble in the jungle! This mess of unregulated wilderness is given free rein and is enjoyed to the fullest. A cup of rabbit? A cheerful elastic monkey? Or an elephant that loves flowers? Iron them on your shirt and feel your instant nature-happy!

Who’s the star in your circus?

Our new collection ‘LIFE IS A CIRCUS’ is available on September the 4th!
We are very curious about your reactions to our collection! Which fabric is your favourite? And what are you going to make with it? Let us know: we are super happy when we see #aboutblue, or read comments on our posts.

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