Sew out of the box: new sewing boxes!

What we love the most? Developing fabrics, you’d think! That’s a fine side of the business indeed. But secretly, we like ‘making sure the puzzle fits’ even more. Making sure we have more to offer you than just a piece of fabric. Taking care of matching ribbing and uni fabrics is an important piece of the puzzle. Or developing patterns that we can guarantee are perfect for our fabrics! Over the past few weeks we have received a lot of feedback. We got to know your ‘sewing needs’ even better. The reactions to our sewing boxes were heartwarming and inspiring. We have now put all that knowledge in a box!

What do you need for a fine sewing experience? Fabric, haberdashery, a pattern, and items in the closet that match your latest creation. We used all those ingredients. And because there are two brands under our roof, we flavoured the whole thing with the power of both labels!

The recipe for our new boxes? Fabric + Inspiration + Haberdashery + Discount : SEW OUT OF THE BOX!

The boxes are available in an ‘Elegant‘ and a ‘Playful‘ version. For both versions you have a choice between a light and a dark version. Let’s do an unboxing in words!


An elegant box is a small wardrobe, accessories incl. You get two patterns on paper (instructions in Englisch coming soon), fabrics that are perfect for these patterns and fit together nicely, and the matching haberdashery. So you don’t have to look for anything and you can start using the box right away.At the end you will have garments that can be worn together, whether you choose the accompanying pattern or add your own inspiration. About Blue provides refined Oekotex viscose and French Terry. Lotte Martens adds a unique hand-screened print and accessory material.

ELEGANT > Fabric, haberdashery & pattern (1,5 m crepe viscose + 0,5 m ribbing + 1,2 m tencel uni + 1 m uni French Terry with handprint design, Lotte Martens limited edition + 1 roll sewing thread + 1 paper pattern: Sunday Mood straight skirt + 1 m elastic for Sunday Mood) + accessory > Everything for a Coxa Bumbag (1 paper pattern Coxa + 1 sheet of accessory fabric handprinted Lotte Martens + haberdashery Coxa: zipper, bag strap, passer-by, snap buckle)

Value: 162 euro, sale price: 98 euro!


You were all so fond of the Kids boxes: we are coming up something alike! In the Playful box we give an extra cheerful twist to the cooperation between both brands ! Each box contains a French Terry from our new collection, and a unique hand-printed panel on which the image of that fabric is printed in large format. The poetic Let me be a swan is thus given a hand-printed counterpart in the box.

The Playful boxen are also a range of bite-sized sewing accessories. The paper pattern you get with this box is ‘Catch the Sun‘, a summer dress or top with a nice braid in the neck. The ribbons for that braid are in the box!

WHAT’S IN THE BOX? > Lots of fabric – 2 m French Terry + 0.5 m ribbing + 1.5 m uni French Terry with hand printed image, Lotte Martens limited edition > Inspiration on paper – 1 paper sewing pattern Catch the Sun > Cheerful extras – 1 roll of sewing thread + 1 ironing application + 3 x 90 cm jersey ribbon for the necklaces of Catch the Sun

Value: 142 euro, sale price: 87 euro!


The panels are hand-printed, which is why the boxes are only available in a limited edition. That’s why: if you already feel it tickle, go to the box section of our website! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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