Wonders of life: new collection, launch 5/11!

The world is a magic ball: children are singing this line while skipping the rope in Flanders, the About Blue homeland. Every day has a new layer of colour, a new taste. Oh, the world carries unfathomable twists and turns in its convex body. She is incredibly inventive and fascinating. Do we get a little messy with the energy she gives us? Then she makes up a virus that can hop from bat to human. If we turn up the heating too high, she melts her ice coat.

But she also has tricks with a less black side. Natural phenomena that are breathtaking without a mouth mask. Just because you can sit and look at them breathlessly. Our new collection is inspired by what you can cherish. Because cherishing, that’s what we are ready for. Wonders of Life!

Three cherished soft French Terry’s with print in this collection. 


Leaf is what you can find at the foot of a tree in a tropical forest. After a night in which the wind shook its crown. Ok, there is still little sign of that wind in the repeating pattern of exotic leaves on the fabric: we drew a calm, regular repetition in a play of colours of green. The undertone of the fabric is a perfect match with uni Blue Wing Teal (16), the leaves with the new uni Blue Spruce (8), and the whole is lit up with a fresh mint colour. And, as always, matching ribbing fabric in Blue Wing Teal and Blue Spruce as well in Blue Wing Teal en Blue Spruce.

Bull & Flamingo

Bull Flamingo are the new cheerful animal prints. Did you know that flamingos turn pink because of their diet? They are born grey, but once they get up there are crustaceans on the menu. Imagine if we got the colour of our food… it made salad less popular instantly.

Both animal prints on French Terry are this time characterised by their small size. This playful repetition of small animals is therefore extra fun for small children and babies.

With bull the ribbing fabric and uni’s fit in caramel (Indian Tan 20), for Flamingo you choose Uni Dusty Pink 21 and ribbing if you like matchy matchy. 

Fabric dress on the left: French Terry “Flamingo”
Pattern dress on the left: Greentown kids
Fabric t-shirt on the right: French Terry “Bull” + ribbing “20 Indian Tan”

Harlequin sponge

Harlequin sponge is the new print on sponge in the collection. Your enthusiasm about the elephant sponge in the circus collection flowed through our mailbox and got a cheerful, checkered tail! The new sponge print has a check pattern in striking unisex colours. Depending on how you combine and which pattern you choose, the fabric is suitable for a happy or just a very fancy retro look. 

Parrot Red en Parrot Blue

Parrot Red and Parrot Blue are two new prints crepe viscose. The stylized parrots give the print an ethnic touch, but their flowing lines also make it very feminine. The light sheen of the crepe adds to this elegance.

Fabric bomber right: Crêpe Viscose “Parrot Blue”
Pattern bomber right: Over & over

Fabric skirt left: Crêpe Viscose “Parrot Red” 

Uni and ribbing: Blue Spruce

A collection with so much nature inspiration needs a touch of green. The Blue Spruce ribbing fabric was already in our collection, but now that beautiful green is also available as a solid fabric!

Fabric cardigan : French Terry “UNI 8 Blue Spruce” + ribbing “Blue Spruce”
Pattern sweater, cardigan en bomber: Over & over
Fabric T-shirt: French Terry “UNI 8 Blue Spruce” + French Terry “Leaf”
Pattern T-Shirt: Greentown kids

Life of wonders, what miracle do you magic out of your sewing machine?

Bias Tape

French Terry with the F of fast sewing? When it comes to viscose, you think more of ‘refined’. Sewing with viscose often has a different pace, and requires a different finish. And so also other haberdashery! Whereas French Terry is mainly flanked by ribbing fabric, bias ribbon is a great companion for viscose. That is why we now also have bias in our range: for every viscose with print, a perfectly matching bias tape is available.

This applies to the new collection, but also to the other viscoses in our range:

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